Should You Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Air ducts require cleaning for a variety of reasons. Vents for air are usually cleaned in response to an unusual incident or issue. Many homeowners prefer having their vents regularly cleaned because of health issues or environmental issues that are relevant to the place they live. Cleaning your air vents regularly is a proactive method to safeguard your family’s health and wellbeing as rather than a reactive method or waiting for an reason to clean your vents regardless of one of the things listed below or even a loved one who is becoming sick.

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends having your air ducts cleaned when:

* You can observe visible mold growth in the ductwork as well as on other parts of your cooling and heating system.

* The ducts are filled with insects or rodents dryer vent cleaning will get rid of the rodents and other insects that have that attracted the rodents to your pipes.

The vents in your home are blocked or the flow of air is restricted

Other reasons to clean the air-ducts of your home cleaned are:

Recent remodels caused lots of dust. getting rid of it will stop dust from getting spread throughout your home.

Residents face health risks related to pollen, dust, pollen or pet dander.

* The system was flooded via a pipe break or storm, fire, etc.

* During the routine maintenance of HVAC components, mold was discovered or substantial amounts of dust and other debris were released into the duct system , which homeowners do not want to spread throughout their home through the duct system.

A small amount of household dust that is deposited in your air vents is okay. If nobody in your home is suffering from allergies, unproven symptoms or illness, and you conduct a visual inspection of the insides of the air ducts you do not see any evidence of air-ducts that may be filled with large amounts in the form of mold or dust (no smelly or obvious signs of growth of mold), having the air vents cleaned is almost certainly not required.

If your neighbors are experiencing strange or unprovoked medical issues or conditions that you suspect could be connected to something that is happening in your home or in your home, the EPA recommends that you discuss the issues with your physician. The EPA has issued a document on how to spot possible issues that could be related with indoor air quality as well as methods to avoid them.

A lot of people get their air vents cleaned as part of their routine of maintenance for their homes since it is reasonable to assume that air ducts get dirty with time and need to be cleaned from time intervals just like other parts of the house. There isn’t any evidence to indicates central vacuum cleaning that routine cleaning could cause harm to the system, if it is performed properly.

If an air cleaning company doesn’t adhere to the correct cleaning of the air vents Cleaning can cause the air quality in your home worse. In particular, if particles that have been swept out of the vents by the technician’s brushes are not properly removed with a vacuum cleaner, these pollutants will end up in the air in your home. Additionally, an untrained air duct cleaner may cause damage to your air vents or the heating and cooling systems, leading to expensive fixes and replacement and a lower efficient system.

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