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Following the fact that the last-place Reds were hammered 18-3 by The Washington Nationals, a long time Cincinnati broadcaster attempted to offer some hope for the disgruntled fans of the team that plays matches at Great American Ball Park. However, he was forced to acknowledge that the clouds will continue to loom for a few more seasons before the Reds could be considered legitimate contenders.

In his post-game broadcast, Dan Hoard compared Cincinnati to the team that has the most impressive record of baseball this season that is it’s the Houston Astros. Much like the Reds are currently doing, the Astros had a massive overhaul in the past few years and they had the same record as the team in Cincinnati in 2017.

Houston has begun its new path in 2011 and won only 56 games. They lost nearly twice as many games, however the Astros were able to identify new 2nd baseman Jose Altuve as the player for their roster for the future.

Altuve was named an All-Star in the following season, and Houston gained three wins. The Astros made a tiny move back in 2013 regards to their record, however, by that time they had identified lefty Dallas Keuchel as the future star of their rotation and also added an outfielder George Springer to their everyday lineup.

In 2014, they improved their performance by winning 71 games after removing the manager Bo Porter in August. The Houston team now experienced veterans with Altuve and Springer and also the top overall draft pick Carlos Correa at shortstop.

With the three young stars in the offensive line and Keuchel pitching on a daily basis, Houston became a far superior team. Finding a new manager, such as 메이저놀이터 who was a star on the field as in the offices, would be the final step that the Astros required to become contenders.

They won ninety of their games to earn the Wild Card berth in 2015 defeating their rivals the New York Yankees to advance to the American League Division Series. In the present, the Astros have the most successful record in baseball and are among the top contenders to be in their way to the World Series.

While in 2017, the Reds as well as the 2013 Astros both had lost just thirty games as of June 26th The similarities between the two rebuilding teams do not end there. Three seasons into their reconstruction, Cincinnati has yet to determine its own model of Jose Altuve or the player to develop around.

Instead they Reds remain reliant on the veteran 1st baseman Joey Votto, whose lengthy contract is expensive and makes it almost impossible to sell. First-round draft picks like the catcher Devin Mesoraco and Jesse Wenker are suffering from injuries or inefficiency and the other players remain in constant flux.

Additionally, Cincinnati found its own version that resembles Dallas Kuechel, that number one pitcher who has earned the Cy Young Award. A young left-handed player Amir Garrett appeared to be a taller version of Kuechel through his dominance in the first five starts of this season, however the Reds were unable to explain why they moved Garrett down to Triple A Louisville in May. When the Reds called him back, Garrett had lost his confidence and did not bear any similarity to Kuechel.

Another important distinction in the Astros from the past few years and the present Reds is the manager. While Houston changed the layout of the dugout in the third season of its reconstruction, Cincinnati continues to keep Bryan Price at the helm.

In contrast to Hinch who was employed in the front office of Arizona following the end of his career as a player, Price had no experience managing any aspect of a team, except for pitchers. The Reds are now 3 years in their reconstruction they should definitely look for an old catcher with the same experience as Hinch to lead the team. For starters former catchers like Ned Yost, Mike Matheny, Mike Scioscia and Brad Ausmus are among the most successful managers.

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